Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Getting things organized

Day two of blogging... this has gone better than some diets I've tried so that's GOOD news.

The bad news is that I took a look at my crafting space and decided it needed an uber-overhaul. So, since I've come home from work, I've been schleping out boxes, and totes, and bags, and containers - you get the idea. It's a big pile. No, it's REALLY big, like take-over-the-entire-dining-room big. Who needs somewhere to eat anyway?

But there's MORE good news. I'm rediscovering things I had purchased for past projects and my creative juices are flowing. There's the dollar-store wooden bird house and the papers, metal foils, wires and FlowerSoft that was going to transform it into a work of art. There's the shadowboxes that I cut from Lori Whitlock's design that just needs a final touch, and the laces and other goodies that were going to make it per-FECT-a-mundo. Then there's the baby card pieces I had cut out on my Silhoutte Cameo, all neatly in a pile, waiting to be inked and assembled. Bad news - I need more nifty organizing bags that I get at Scrap & Bean, the ones that hold 12x12 paper perfectly and have a zip closure at the top.

My challenge now is to stay the course organization-wise and create a space that lets those creative juices flow before I succumb to the temptation of these projects calling out to me. I bet even you can hear them - "Barbara... come play with us... we're waiting for you..."

My cuppa tea is down to the leaves so it's time to get moving again - towards organization!

Toodles for now!  

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