Saturday, 15 September 2012

Time Flies!

Oh my goodness - it's been more than a months since I've written anything here! Not that I didn't think about it but then I was distracted by the sand during the past month at Pitts's Peace, or by driving my boy (who isn't a little boy any longer) hither and fro, by preparing to lead AWANA games again this year, or by this weekend's distraction, The Great Scrapbook Carnival.

During the past month, I've only completed an explosion box for Hubby to celebrate our first anniversary, which serendipitously is paper. I don't craft much while at the cottage - who can blame me with this view? And yes, I just printed out the 5x7 to scrap. 

Being mistaken for a taxi just comes with being a Mom, as does taking out one's wallet when September looms. It's a good thing that high school requires much less variety of supplies than elementary school, and that the boy can now shop from a list all on his own. It's a bad thing that the supplies get more and more expensive (a $150 calculator, model specified - REALLY???).

Being a games leader at AWANA each week keeps me young while I'm preparing and directing the games, but a tad hoarse by the end of the evening. The kids have amiazing energy, and I consider the evening a success if everyone had a good time and the chaos was semi-organized. 

But I'm sure you're excited to hear about the Carnival! The fabulosa ladies at Canadian Scrapbooker organize this 2-day event in conjunction with a quilter's fair. There are retail booths, a huge cropping area (yep, I have my space!), wonderful classes, a photo booth, and some really cool make and takes by the retail participants. Good news for my crafting time, especially as I have tons of photos to scrap, and producing projects to show you here but bad news for my wallet. Beddie bye time for me now so I can dream of papers, twine, pennants, glitter, inks and more... you'll have to check back to see where those dreams take me.

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