Sunday, 15 September 2013

A new shop and Glitz-y Christmas cards in a whirlwind.

Hey all! Yeppers, I'm back in Edmonton but only for another 10 days before I head back to the lake. It's been a whirlwind since we landed just before midnight last Wednesday. Between driving Hubby to work three hours away, two days of scrapping goodness thanks to Canadian Scrapbooker, a morning filled with learning from Cathie Allen, and an evening football game between my two favourite teams... oh my! During the next 10 days, my list includes: leading games at AWANA (x2) and prepping a plan for when I'm away; cleaning out my flowerbeds (don't want to come back to snow-covered plants); catching up with friends; starting up an Etsy store; laundry and more laundry, plus all those other domestic-type things; a long list of errands that each take about an hour... better get started!

You can now find me on Etsy as SnippetsnPitts, with my offerings just starting to be listed. Setting up the store, payments and listings is easy, but just takes time. You'll see a few things from here being offered for sale there. Of course, if you see anything here that you don't see there, leave me a comment or drop me a line and we'll see what we can do to get it into your hands.

That said, I had some time on the plane to design a few new Christmas cards on the plane. Tell me what you think of these:
Everything you see comes from Glitz's Hello December collection, available from Jessica Sprague (who is awesome). You'll be able to find some of these in my Etsy shop too. Loading the rest is part of my plan for this week.
There's quite a variety in this line, from floral to woodland, lots of traditional Christmas elements, and plenty of non-traditional elements too. Woodgrain meets Christmas...

Changing elements was super simple too... see these variations:

And yes, I was playing with my el cheapo new app while I was doing this. Come back tomorrow when I hope to share with you what I accomplished at the Carnival. Now, it's off to help The Ex solve a technical difficulty. See y'all tomorrow!

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