Saturday, 31 August 2013

Silhouette Flower Pot notecards

Here's a quartet of notecards made in my favourite ways - simple, easy and frugal!

These lovelies began life as plain and simple card stock. A few minutes with a Silhouette Cameo began to give these rather rectangular characters a little more definition and interest. Throw in some ink, Pearl Pen, and a few Dew Drops, and - Viola! - something to cheer someone's day.

Seriously, who wouldn't like to find a flower pot full of blooms, with a note tucked inside?

Here's the quick how-to:
1. Check out Lori Whitlock's design on the Silhouette Online Store.
2. Change it to suit you. I copied the flower shape and shrunk it for the inner set of petals, and deleted some of the centre circles.
3. Cut. Seriously, using a Cameo is THAT simple. C'mon over and I'll show you if you don't believe me.
4. Ink the parts you want, including leaf veining.
5. Assemble and embellish. I used Glue Dots to stack the flower shapes, and Pearl Pens for the flower centres. I curled the petals with my fingernail to make them pop even a little more.

I might add a label to the front of these when I do them again, or maybe some ribbon or a butterfly to one of the flowers or on the top leaves. This design is also great for thank you cards. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks, Lori, for another quick, easy and frugal project!

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